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  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
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Versions of IGI 2: Covert Strike

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IGI 2: Covert Strike 02/08/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Shadow David Jones through Russia, across Libya and into China in three linked covert campaigns, as he infiltrates locations including military airbases, harbours and secret government installations.

Features completely new AI systems and an outstanding array of realistically modelled weaponry in both single and multi-player modes. Features:Stealth gameplay - a silent takedown will give a significant advantage.

There will be many points in the game where you are encouraged to use subtlety and intelligence, rather than brute force, in order to overcome an obstacle.

Story driven single-player game. Continuing from where the first game left off, Jones is once again at the forefront of preventing international terrorism, world catastrophe and betrayal at the very highest level.

19-mission campaign set in real world locations spanning three continents, ranging from all-out base assaults to covert surveillance and infiltration

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IGI 2: Covert Strike

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IGI 2: Covert Strike IGI 2: Covert Strike

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